It hardly seems real now, but 12 months ago we spearheaded an exciting new chapter in Skerric’s history, with the expansion of our team to include the same Skerric experience now in both Sydney and Adelaide. As a state with a growing economy and a clear desire for innovative technical solutions and rapid return on investment, the move to South Australia was an easy step to take.

We continue to find those no-nonsense solutions to those tricky problems. Just this month our team stepped in to successfully develop a critical real time notification system merging multiple operational data sources and delivery mechanisms after the customer had been told three times that it couldn’t be done. Every day our solution is now sending thousands of updates to dozens of users and putting key information literally in the hands of decision makers.

We continue to look for those problems that seem hard, yet are worth the effort. If you have a problem like this that we can take a swing at, get in touch.

Go the Crows!